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Folded Back

Yup! Thats right. All my dreams of making better grades than last semester have been folded back. Damnit! I have begun to curse myself every moment. What has happened to me ? Why the hell did I lose my identity ? I just cant make sense out of it. In the first year, I felt invincible. No course could get the better of me. Now, its like every course pounces on me to just bite my head off, chew it with the incisors, grind it with the molars, masticate it with all possible salivary jjuices, gulp it down the oesaphagus, and as if it is not enough, pour in all the dirty acids in the stomach, and after a sumptuous meal, wipe off the leftovers into the rectum.

I seem to have changed. I dont see a reason why this drastic change in my abilities. Have I become a dud? Am I a no-gooder? I dont have answers. I just need some coffee (or probably vodka).

Then, a small voice emanates from the deep dreaded dungeons of my mind -" Maybe this is leading you to your destiny. Maybe you dont know what you want to be. Maybe this is leading you to the place where you are best suited." This is the voice in which I seek solace. It has happened to me before. I flunked JEE and it led me to this place called BITS Pilani, and I am so happy it happened in many respects. Is history dying to repeat itself ?

So many questions to life, the universe and everything. If only i could understand the answer to this ultimate question - "Fourty two".

I am folded back.

Listening to: "The Promised Land" - Queensryche
(This shall be a common trait in all future posts)

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Your feelings sound very very familiar since I had been through a similar phase, although in my third year (when I was victimized by Instru CDCs). Well, theres no denying the fact that CG is very important- no 2 ways about it. However, having said that, it is important to remember that beyond a certain point, grades fail to motivate. Specially since u r moving into your 3rd year, it is more important for you to identify your real are of interest(or "passion :) ) and this happens almost sub-consciously. Once this happens, nothing else will really matter to you. However, to be practical, a 9+ CG is required if u want to app for an MS/PhD and get into a good univ.
    So, go after grades to an extent but know where to draw the line.

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