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Lite ra......

Does the title make sense? If you are a BITSian, it must. Or if you are acquainted with people from the Rice Bowl of India, then the chances are it will.

But for the sake of the lesser priviliged, who havent heard this common slang chanted by thousands across the world, here is a short decription:
"Lite ra..."
Meaning: Take it easy, mate.
Who cares, mate.
Chuck it, mate.
Possible scenarios:
a. "Hey, got a test tomorrow. Gotta cram". "Lite ra.."
b. "Damnit, she didnt mail back yet". "Lite ra..."
c. "I've gotta sleep. No more quake." . "Lite ra..."

That should be lesson #1 in "Lite ra for dummies".
Personally, this phrase has a greater meaning and history attached to it.

When I as a fresher landed up at this place called BITS Pilani some 2000km away from my home, little did i expect that most of my wingies would be from the state of AP. And most of them spoke nothing else but Telugu. From a state wherein I couldn't differentiate between Telugu and Tamil, now I was in a state wherein I could wholesomely learn both languages. The first Telugu phrase that I learnt was "Lite ra.."

That was its history. Coming to the meaning. I feel the one most intriguing and priceless principle that I have learnt at this place is the principle of 'Lite ra'. What's so special? I would prefer negating the above question. What aint special about this?
To me, it is the ultimate dogma of life. To not care for the result of anything that we do. The Bhagwad Gita says

Ma phaleshu kadachana

(Never expect fruits of your action)
Though it seems so simple, its simple implementation goes beyond the reach of almost all of us. Yet, it is the simplest way to eternal happiness and peace.

Every time I have to cram for a test, I say 'Lite ra..' to cool myself down. Every time I flunk a test, I say 'Lite ra...'. Every time I forget something, I say 'Lite ra..'.. For every time i say it, I feel content and at peace.

And for all of you, who didnt make out head or tail out of this post, 'Lite ra..'.

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